Custom Collage art pricing begins at $1/Square inch before shipping. Orders within 50 miles of Asheville NC area, are eligible for free delivery. Please visit the “contact” page to request a current rate sheet that outlines all available choices and upgrades.

The minimum starting size is 11 x 14. Why a minimum? The sourced papers that I work with and hand tear, are a finite size.

Some upgrades / options outlined on the current rate sheets may include:

  • Prices for Stretched Canvas vs Flat Panelboard (preferred). Image below.
  • Edge style options for Panel Board, including painted edges or waterfall wrapped image.
  • Overall size (Industry standard sizes are used. (Note canvas and panel board sizes vary)
  • Upgrade fee for adding multiple subjects (ie: Two dogs instead of one)

Substrate Option: Stretched Canvas

Stretched Canvas offers an economical option, but the Gesso covered fabric base may slightly loosen over time

Substrate Option: Cradle Panel

A wooden panel substrate allows for a smooth fixed surface that prevents warping and stretching of the collage papers. Each panel is hand painted with Gesso (a primer) to best work with the paper adhesives.

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